Rhymes And Poems for Brown Bear and Bleu Bird’s Picnic by the Sea

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Ideal for a baby shower and as a first library collection. (0-99)


The rhymes and poems of this little book were inspired by simply sharing life with family and friends and an occasional literary inspiration flooding the senses at moments of delightful observation of God’s creation. As a former children’s tutor, the author’s heart’s desire is to bring hope, courage and joyful entertainment to all the little children she might possibly reach around the world.

The author is also an artist of more than 20 years. Where opportunity arises she incorporates her own original artwork to illustrate her publications. The painting on the front cover of Rhymes and Poems for Brown Bear and Bleu Bird’s Picnic by the Sea is an actual composite portrait of a bear given to a grandson on his 2nd birthday. The blue bird is a portrait of the family’s little budgie, “Bleu”. Bleu developed a very large vocabulary, enabling him to join many of his phrases and words together to make some interesting conversation. He loved to talk. One day, as the author hung up her phone, Bleu piped in “Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk; talk, talk, talk, talk, talk”—a phrase often used on him when all conversation was exhausted!

B’s Are Busy Things is an ode to all Dads.

Agnes Beatrice, Author


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