Page A-1        EPIPHANY/REVELATION: A Light Response to Rogue                               One

Page A-2        EPIPHANY/REVELATION: He Saw No Corruption                                        (decay)

Page B-1        NEW MANUSCRIPT: Why Pray? 1

Page B-2        NEW MANUSCRIPT: Why Pray? 2

Page B-3        NEW MANUSCRIPT: Why Pray? 3 Scripture                                                       references for Why Pray? 1 & 2, including a Poem by                                     Alison Teed HOPES  AND DREAMS AND HIM

Page C-1       MIRACLES AND HEALINGS: Healing is the Children’s                                Bread

Page D-1        PROPHECY: The Writer’s Visions and Dreams from                                      God:

-Dream of the plume

-Visions of the eagles

-Dream of Jesus on the road

-Dream of the multitude

Page D-2        PROPHECY: The Dream of the Multitude: Canadas’                                     Journey to Captivity, including the Interpretation.

Page D-3       PROPHECY: A Paradigm Shift Around the World

Page E-1       UNDERSTANDING: Substance Abuse 1

Page E-2       UNDERSTANDING: Substance Abuse 2

Page E-3       UNDERSTANDING:  Substance Abuse 3

Page F-1       WORDS FOR INSPIRATION: The Skinny Man’s                                                Audacity

Page F-2       WORDS FOR INSPIRATION: The Garbage Man’s                                          Integrity

Page F-3     WORDS FOR INSPIRATION: Merry Christmas                                                 Everyone!

Page G-1    EASTER MESSAGE 2017

Page Z-1     eBOOK, Voices Crying in the Wilderness, A call to prophesy

Page Z-2     Amazon BOOK REVIEWS AND COMMENTS (eBook                                  VCW)

Page Z-3    AUTHOR’S BIO


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