PART III FALL OUT—taking a look at the damages…

A bomb has been dropped; let’s take a look at the casualties.

             As painful as it is to see ourselves sometimes, it is essential in order to make the necessary adjustments to  move to higher ground.

         When you prepare for a wedding, you are not dressed for work or play, you respectfully prepare yourself for the occasion, especially the Bride  and Groom. You are cleaned up and looking your very best for the occasion Matt:22: 11-14 KJV.  Jesus is preparing His Bride for His return Eph 5:27! Wow! This is just now a revelation in what He is doing here! At the same time, He is preparing us for what is coming on the earth, He is taking us much, much higher, making us much, much stronger and much more resilient. He is giving us greater wisdom so that we not only survive what is coming, but we, and our children, flourish in what is coming. So don’t lose heart. His love is reaching out and revealing something  that will help keep you and me in the swelling of the Jordan Jer 12:5!  

  God takes no pleasure in a soldier that shrinks back Heb 10:38-39. 2 Tim  2:3  Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

Let’s suck it up then(idiomatic-To put up with something; to deal with something, such as pain or misfortune, without complaining.) and look at the effects of our complaints and accusations against ourselves and others. We can become our own worst enemy, causing injury and casualties we are not aware of.  Our Heavenly Father wants to open our eyes to see the full picture: give us a full revelation of what we are doing and how it affects us and others around us.

How can You possibly compare a small complaint or accusation to throwing rocks. It certainly is not as big a deal as all this fuss, God. I don’t mean to do any harm. I just want to set some things straight.” Throwing rocks at others, ourselves and for that matter, throwing rocks at God is very painful for those hit by the wallop—or even lethal! Take a look.

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves….1 John 1:8

1. Marriage: Throwing rocks by threatening, intimidating, bullying, manipulating, and controlling  one another causes confusion, immeasurable pain and  frustration, planting seeds for adultery and divorce; it creates sorrow, sadness, discouragement, and physical and mental separation; it destroys vision and family development it propagates hopelessness; crushes self confidence; instills fear, depression, a sense of failure and defeat, destruction, and even death; most importantly, it damages your seed for future generations….establishing or maintaining a generational curse (or iniquity).

2. Workplace:  Throwing rocks in the workplace, by either side, quickly becomes infectious, spreading malcontent; creates an unpleasant atmosphere; stirs fear, reduces work ethic or motivation to support or increase the advancement of a company.  This works for both sides…a two edged sword; be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you!  So much more here I could say!

3. Church: This is my favorite subject in all the world. I will make this brief. Again, a two edged sword—that is, whether it comes from leadership or it comes from the members. Grieving the Holy Spirit—a big one. Where the Holy Spirit is grieved, advancement will fade. Discouragement, disappointment, bitterness, resentment, loss of faith, loss of vision, loss of purpose.

4. Neighbors: Gossip and accusations separates, creates tension, awkwardness, isolates. This list goes on…

5. Extended Family/friends: Throwing rocks at family and friends, separates, confuses, generates sadness, sorrow, pain, regret. This is a huge subject….

6. Government: Throwing rocks at the current government. Unless you are called by God to be an activist to fight wrong and promote righteousness…throwing rocks is simply life draining, energy robber, loss of focus. HUGE distraction, robbing your destiny, creating a detour in your direction. Psa 34:14 READ THE WHOLE PSALM

7. Yourself: Throwing rocks at yourself results in disappointment and loss of hope for a fulfilling future, depression, oppression, discouragement, loss of desire to move forward, no vision, an invitation to the enemy to come and finish you off. Opening a door for defeat.

8. God: Throwing rocks at God. Wow! Thin ice, disrespect, dishonor, trying and testing His patience. Slandering His provision. Forgetting the fear of God. Not trusting Him and Who He is. Attempted manipulation, ungrateful, unthankful, unforgiving. Leaving God hurt, angered, provoked to act.

No, no, no…throwing rocks at God…not a good idea! It is hurtful to God to hear His people complaining and accusing Him that what they have is not good enough, or that they are not getting from God what they expect from a loving God James 4:2. Ungratefulness is throwing rocks at God. It is a lack of holy fear of God and who He is. It is a lack of trust. It is an indication that one’s personal relationship is not developed or matured.

Whether we complain about God, others or ourselves, we are doing some rock throwing, causing pain and confusion in other’s lives and robbing ourselves of blessings we are yet unaware even exist. God is waiting to bless us abundantly above and beyond what we hope or dream. He is not the tooth fairy, He is our Heavenly Father, worthy of respect and honor; not only liking what He has to say, but doing what He has to say Matt 12:50; Matt 7:21. 

The subject of Satan John 10:10; John 8:44. Do not accuse anyone falsely Exod 23:1. Satan is the accuser of the brethren Rev 12:10.  He accused God in the Garden of Eden Gen 3:1. Satan complained, accusing God that He had given favor to Job and that was the only reason Job was a righteous man: Take it all away and God would see a different Job Job 1:7-11.  Satan thus accused God of getting people to be righteous by giving them good stuff. If He didn’t give people all the good stuff, they wouldn’t love Him or behave in a way that pleased Him. (Though He slay me yet will I trust Him Job 13:15. Though there is no stock in the barn or the crops have fail…. Hab 3:16. Know Who’s side you are on!

The above is a good point. Do you only love God because everything is going your way and He has hedged you about and poured out abundant blessings? Who will you be in the swelling of the Jordan? And the swelling of Jordan is coming….

Complaining, gossip, and slander all start in the mind, creating emotions, resulting in outward demonstration of the discontent formulated in a secret place. Even the two boys in the introduction, Throwing Rocks Part I, followed out what was brewing in their minds. A complaint about these new kids; an accusation, maybe? (hatching cockatrices eggs Isa 59!)

Lots of good reading available out there, you might try Joyce Meyer’s book Battlefield of the Mind. Maybe a good companion teaching to this message.

END OF PART III FALL OUT—taking a look at the damages…


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