The wonder of the manifestation of Jesus’ miracles is not reserved just for “those out there” somewhere. His compassion, mercy and grace are immediate for all who call upon His Name, believing. Here is one person’s account of how Jesus became more real and His caring love undeniable in the face of body malfunctions and illnesses…more than 25 physical healings.

We tend to take our bodies for granted hoping that they will sustain us into old age without too much repair or maintenance. However, we are quite sophisticated walking, living machines. Like any machine, things need tuning up and servicing in order to keep things running smoothly. God has graciously provided us with physicians (The Lord bless them all!) who do everything they know how to help us keep our “engines” in good working order. BUT when a physician is occasionally confronted with some sort of malfunction of our equipment that they just can’t heal on their own, Jesus will step in and take care of whatever the physician cannot take care of. After all HE DESIGNED AND CREATED OUR BODIES. HE KNOWS EVERY DETAIL AND FUNCTION. HE IS OUR GREAT PHYSICIAN! AMEN!

My first encounter with Jesus and His offer to heal me happened before I even entered a church. It was not long after I invited Him into my life. I was watching a well-known, but much ridiculed, TV healing minister, Earnest Angley. Brother Angley turns 96 this August (2017). I watched him on TV in my early days and actually attended one of his crusades in Vancouver, BC. During his preaching, he suddenly stopped and pointed directly to me and informed me that Jesus wanted to heal my spine. I didn’t know I had anything wrong with my spine. He kept commanding me to stand up and receive my healing. I was a very new Christian and I was a little embarrassed at his rebuke and wouldn’t stand. He turned and continued on with his message.

I discovered several years later that I did indeed have a problem with my spine. I had suffered for 5 years after delivering my 10 ½ pound baby boy with sciatica. Now…I am a simple country girl and I heard lots about rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago and all that sort of thing and from the old tales from home thought it was like having a cold in my hip. The pain eventually became so severe I could not walk. My husband had had enough of my groanings and put me in the car and drove me to a well-known sports chiropractor he knew personally. There, I was x-rayed and it was discovered that I had scoliosis, a deformed vertebrate and an extra vertebrate, not to mention misalignment, leading back to my pregnancy and delivery of my big baby boy. I remembered brother Angley’s words to me and was amazed that he knew all this. I still did not connect all this to Jesus wanting to heal me at the crusade. It was more about brother Angley and how he knew that I had a badbback condition. But as I grew and understood more and studied more of His Word, I realized I had missed out on a wonderful miracle. His mercies are new every morning and great is his faithfulness, for the sports chiropractor was very skilled and within weeks I had completely recovered from the persistent pain of more than 5 years. The scoliosis remained and over the following years I could see a definite lean to the left. Let’s leave that for now.

This was not the last of brother Angley! In my book Voices Crying in the Wilderness, A call to prophecy, I give my testimony in detail. Here I will simply say at this point I had found a church and was attending church and group meetings at least 3 times a week. My husband and I came into relationship with Jesus at the end of the 70s revival…of course we had no idea we were part of a revival at the time. One day I decided not to attend church (We likely had attended other meetings during the week and needed a rest.) My husband attended church and I stayed home. I watched brother Angley on TV. He spoke a Word that Jesus was healing someone of a “widow’s hump”.

Here again I noticed that I was developing a definite protrusion on my back at the top of my spine, just at the base of the neck. I commented to my husband that I hoped I was not going to develop what I, by then, understood to be a generational infirmity. My maternal grandfather had a very noticeable hump on his back and complained frequently of a pain in his neck.  About ten years ago I also met up with a cousin I hadn’t seen for many years and noticed his condition was so severe he could barely lift his head. My mother too had a slight protrusion at the top of her spine. Mine was not looking good and I would deliberately try to stand as straight as I could, but I could see this family condition was more and more noticeable.

BUT THIS TIME I HEARD BROTHER ANGLEY AND IMMEDIATELY RECEIVED JESUS BLESSING OF HEALING. Brother Angley commanded that whoever this Word was for must stand up and begin to praise and thank Jesus. This is did without hesitation! I jumped up from the sofa and began to praise Him with hands lifted in the air and thanked Him with such joy. I knew I had been healed. When I checked in the mirror my spine was completely straight at the top. This was very exciting to see and I couldn’t wait to show my husband when he returned from church! Wow! This might not mean anything to someone who has not experienced such a deformity, but even now it is such a wonderful blessing to remember what He did for me!

The last couple of years I have felt a strong sense that I was to share my testimonies of Jesus’ healings. For whatever reason the Lord has held me back until now. I know His timing is always perfect and what I share here, He will use to inspire and strengthen others’ faith and trust in Him. To Jesus be all the praise and glory! Amen!

Ok…back to the scoliosis…I do not have a record of when I was healed of scoliosis, but that too is long gone. I do know it all happened around the same era. Sometimes I received a healing and didn’t even know for a time and then realized that whatever was ailing me was completely gone. So if you are counting, you will have to fill in the blanks as I may not get to all 25 plus healings in this testimony. Another thing…if I die of something tomorrow that would in no way diminish my testimony of the years and years of His wonderful healing and maintained blessings in my body. We all go at some time. I would love to be translated and not taste death, but not sure that is my lot in life.

So at this point, the Lord helped and provided one of the best chiropractors available to bring healing to a (1) severe sciatic condition, (2) Jesus then healed me of the generational “widow’s hump” (3) and He healed the scoliosis.

Another healing about the same time (era) came one Sunday morning in our worship service. Our church was well known as the “Worshiping Church” and it was not unusual for members of the congregation to receive healing or deliverance. (I will talk about deliverance later.) A little girl born to friends of ours (Her parents became pastors later and at one time were our group leaders.) had a birth defect where her foot was quite twisted and she had difficulty walking. During one of our evening worship services everyone gathered around the little girl (I think she was about 4 years old at the time.), laid hands on her and prayed for her healing and with astonishment everyone watched the little girl’s foot twist back around and straighten…perfectly straight! He parents continue today to pastor a very successful church in the lower-mainland of BC. PRAISE YOU, JESUS!

Well, back to my own experience. I tended to suffer regular bouts of bronchitis. One Sunday morning I was dripping bronchitis, coughing and hacking and all sickly. I decided to go to church anyway. I knew there was healing in the “house” and Jesus might touch me and heal me. The worship was wonderful; I was lost in the presence of God and my heart soared with His. We finished our worship and listened intently to the message preached, making notes as usual. I didn’t think much more about sickness until we left the service and I realized I was completely healed. Just in case this seems ho, hum to you, which I do understand. Just think AT 10 AM I WAS DRIPPING SICK AND AT 12 PM I WAS COMPLETELY NORMAL!  Bronchitis does not just vanish in 2 hours! But healing now had become normal for me. Well, almost normal. It would be a few years yet before I completely handed my life or death over to Jesus, trusting Him completely and allowing Him to take charge of my health and healing, or death if that was to be.

I will pause here for a breather. This finishes a particular era and beginning of a growing understanding and trust in the power, compassion and love of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ARE YOU ENCOURAGED! I surely hope so. This is just the beginning. The Lord bless all who read this message with renewed faith and blessing in their physical, mental and spiritual being. Amen!


  1. Greetings from Uganda Africa, Arthur Turyatunga.

    Healing is the children’s bread.

    God doesn’t want us to fall sick, to me sickness is design of the devil.
    God want us to have life and peace in our living. Thanks for this topic and for writing such encouraging information to increase our faith in God’s hands and grace of healing.

    1. Thanks for your comment Pastor. I will continue this writing on healing following this 40 day fast. Please return.

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