Voices Crying in the Wilderness, A call to prophesy

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In 2003, Alison Teed answered the call to deliver one more message. “Write in a book all you have seen and heard….”
After a year of waiting on God, Alison began writing Voices Crying in the Wilderness—an account of 30 years of prophetic obedience. Although, never a key prophetic voice in Canada, she understood that the messages delivered over the years were now significant to what the Holy Spirit was doing around the world. God was once more calling her to fearlessly deliver a message for Him.
This book is an account of the obedience, trials, testing and growing up of a prophet. Voices Crying in the Wilderness is a prophecy: God calling out His prophets—great and small—for this hour, and more importantly, the hour to come. This is a call to ALL God’s laborers to come and stand before Him and answer the call on their lives and rise up and be doing it WITHOUT FEAR!