E-2 UNDERSTANDING: Substance Abuse 2

After one year of recovery from my broken leg. Now July 2015….

Well! I was greatly encouraged this morning when I opened my email and discovered an email including the latest comment for “thewillowsfreedomhouse.com blog. Thank you all. I was completely surprised when I discovered I had 30 comments waiting for my response. It is time to get back to business and allow others the same encouragement I have received as I have witnessed God’s amazing Grace and His hand on the lives of those He sent me to here.

Give me a little time to get things organized. I hope to have a couple share their struggle to recover from substance abuse recovery. I have now been in here for 4 years. God has given me the privilege of walking closely with a specific family as they determined to take back their lives…what a journey they are on…. What a journey I am on! When we have God on our side, we can do anything!

Sorry no images or photos. I am a writer/author by trade, so text is my thing. I do my best to write descriptively so my readers are able to image what is written.

Give me a week and I will have something for you…

The persons I hoped would share their testimonies continued to struggle for their freedom…one made it the others continue in bondage. Please refer to my blog page: Final Word on Substance Abuse.

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