May 2, 2023 3:11 am, 3:33 am


One analogy came to my mind as I pondered and sorted images of what was tumbling about in my mind early this morning: atoms banging together.

One thought leading to the next and the next thought leading to another and on it went for more than an hour, quickly jotting notes and more notes, until the revelation came clearly to one image.

Note: I research everything as God downloads a message. I thought the analogy of atoms banging together was amazing as I see everything in picture form this became an interesting analogy to this message, so I did my usual bit of research on Google. Atoms banging together literally mean “exchange interaction”. Well, we will see how the collision of pieces of information that God rapidly downloaded this morning will formulate into a clear picture of what He said. Nuclear fusion (Google: not be confused with nuclear fission: fusion creates a heavier atom, fission divides creating multiple smaller atoms.)

Notes from this morning’s revelation:

3:11 awoke clear minded. The 11 was a signal to pray. Prayed until 3:33 am. I knew God was speaking to pay attention. Opened to Malachi. Read randomly and sensed I was to read complete book. Revelation after revelation began to download. Cross referencing back and forth. The spirit of Elijah immerged powerfully. Research Elijah… More downloads, more cross-referencing. Much banging about: one revelation into another, one character into another. Larger and larger came the revelation. The spirit of Elijah, clearer and clearer.

1. “I will send Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers”

2. Elijah shall come

3. 1 Kings 17

4. 1 Kings 18:38-39

5. Mal 4:5-6

6. 2 Kings 3:11, 9.36, 10:10, 17

7. 2 Chron 21:12-15

8. Matt 11:14 John the Baptist (no signs and wonders)

9. 2 Kings 2:14

10. Elijah to Elisha (mighty signs and wonders0

11. Luke 4:24-27

12. Jezebel

13. Elijah sent to show Israel the evil of their ways and to encourage them to return to the Lord

14. The widow’s oil and flour never went dry (Make me a little cake first?)

15. Fast 40 days and 40 nights

16. Matt 17:1-4

17. Bible meaning of the #3 = divine wholeness, completeness, perfection (a bride without spot or wrinkle) 2023!

A great move of the Holy Spirit in this hour to bring many to the revelation of salvation on the one hand, restore the backslidden and on the other a call to repentance for God’s people (revival). Fear of the Lord! Number 1!

***unfolding of this encounter with God, the Father to be posted over the next days….

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