Healings 5 and 6:    


Laughter works good like a medicine!

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”  KJV

5. Let’s start with my left fractured shoulder:

I was living in a small community at the time, writing my first book (2004-05?), Voices Crying in the Wilderness, A call to prophesy. One morning I was rushing about doing some errands. Everything was within walking distance once I made it to town. One of my favorite haunts was the bakery. I scooted along my way to collect a few of my favorite yummys. There was a bit of a step up over the broken pavement onto the bakery driveway. I attempted a quick hop up over the little ledge. Bang! Down I went heading face-first onto the elevated driveway; I had caught my foot on the broken pavement. In a quick attempt, in mid air, not to go face first, I tried a roll on my left shoulder. That was clearly not a success. Pain shot through my left shoulder as I hit the pavement, causing an instant crying out. I could not get up on my own. A local lady was passing in her car as I fell, turned around and came to my aid. She kindly helped me to my feet and drove me to the local hospital. There I sat groaning uncontrollably. There seemed to be no position I could sit that relieved the pain. I was soon ushered in for x-rays. A doctor arrived to do an examination and give me the news. It appeared on the x-ray that there was a hairline fracture (not to be confused with a “stress hairline fracture”.) The pain continued to pierce my left shoulder.

The Physician arranged for a morphine shot and expounded that with such a fracture he was sending me to a city hospital for treatment. I responded that I would like my sister to come and pray for my shoulder before I took any pain meds or went anywhere. I did not take medications of any kind and preferred not to start with this situation. The doctor and staff were quite interested in my request. (I thought they would likely have some knowledge of my sister’s evangelistic and healing ministry as she was constantly praying for people that Jesus healed instantly. One quick account of her fearlessness to pray for people—She was driving in to town one day and stopped to help a lady who’s vehicle had broken down on the road. The lady was on her way to the doctor as her son was experiencing an asthma attack and it was urgent. My sister’s response was Oh, Jesus will heal him. Let’ pray! The mother was very grateful for any prayer and thanked my sister. My sister laid hand on the boy, prayed (in whatever manner she thought was needed at the moment) and the boy was instantly healed! He never had asthma again after that day. We give Jesus all the praise and all the glory! Amen. A little while later the lady called my sister and told her that her husband was so amazed how his son was completely healed that he gave his life to Jesus and they now attended one of the local churches and were very happy! Double whammy! Praise Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus!

Back to my fractured shoulder. My sister worked at my brother’s garbage station at the base of the hill that led up to the hospital, about a 4 minute walk. She received any local garbage and heaved it up into a dump truck. She was dressed for such an occasion. One of the nurses sped down the hill and retrieved my sister. Everyone was very interested in this whole idea and stood around me waiting for the results of my sister’s prayers. She laid her hand lightly on my shoulder (I continued to groan from the pain. The needle with the morphine was laid neatly out on a little table near my bed ready to administer.) and prayed. I don’t remember her words, but! In the mighty Name of Jesus I was healed on the spot!!!

More on this healing…as my sister prayed the groaning pain immediately left. However, I continued to have

some pain, so she prayed again. This time I could move my arm freely around and above my head. Everyone was amazed. The attending physician thought we should do another x-ray just to make sure…. The image was clear…no hairline fracture was now evident on the image. My first confirmed by a physician healing! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus!

Oh, there is more. I have found over the years that God always has a lesson for me in situations such as this. When I returned to my rented house everything was great. I was so joyfully praising the Lord for His amazing love and grace. But He wasn’t quite finished with me. Each night I noticed I had pain if I laid on my left side. I couldn’t understand why I would have pain after He had just healed me.

It was New Year’s eve and the pain was keeping me awake. I asked the Lord why I was having pain in that shoulder. He spoke a word to me I will never forget. “I will not share my glory with another.” (Isa 42:8 comes to mind at the moment.) This shocked me until I reviewed the incident and shamefully realized that I had given my sister the glory for my healing. Not deliberately, but in all the excitement of the staff and the doctor. Comments like, “We need to hire you!” We all laughed and agreed. The credit and attention was given to a gift my sister possessed…and not The Giver of the gift. I shamefully, asked the Lord’s forgiveness and thanked Him over and over for what He had done for me. The pain never occurred again in that shoulder. That same New Year’s Eve it was gone and I learned another great lesson at Jesus’ feet. I give You all the praise and all the glory, Jesus. Amen.

6. Frozen right shoulder:

We were living in White Rock circa 1991. I was attending my first classes a Trinity Western University. In that period there was no laptop computers in classes, at least I didn’t have one, so all notes were tape recorded and hand written. As a dyslexic, I made many notes, and transcribed any teachings that I had taped. That is a lot of writing! I guess the intensity with which I was working created stress in my right arm and shoulder, resulting in a frozen shoulder that I could now not lift above shoulder level. I experienced a nagging pain and could no longer write my many pages of notes. Call for my sister! It is a wonderful thing to have a sister who the Holy Spirit had blessed with the gift of healing. It is actually now, very humbling to think of the many times she came or we met via telephone and Jesus healed me. There was another lesson for me in this healing.

I was not a fan of the “falling down thing”. I had witnessed those who, I thought, had been pushed over and fell down on the floor, making groaning noises or laying there like they were dead. I would not allow myself to fall down when someone seemingly tried to push me over when they prayed for me in a prayer line. Well…

My husband and sister and I were sitting together in our living room chatting about who knows what. She likely asked about how my studies were going and I told her I had a frozen shoulder. Her eyes lit up as they usually did when she saw an opportunity to glorify Jesus and see people healed and set free. Up she stood, beckoning to me to join her. I can remember these healings as if they had just happened! I stood up, knowing Jesus would heal me when she prayed, but…there was a bit of a twist this time. As she laid her hand on my right shoulder I suddenly wanted to tip backwards. That was not happening, thank you! So I reached out and took hold of her shirt. She laid her hand on me again. By this time we were both giggling, as I was determined I would not do the “falling down thing.” She continued to pray…giggling she scolded me to let go. The strangest thing was that both me feet kept turning up and finally there was no resisting and I allowed myself to fall to the floor as my sister held on to my arms so I did not crash. There I lay, powerless to do anything but laugh. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Now my sister and husband began to laugh also. They were sitting on the couch trying to have a conversation while I rolled about on the floor laughing

and laughing. Each time they began to laugh it provoked me to laugh even harder. This went on for some time. Finally, the laughter subsided and I was able to get up off the floor with some assistance. My shoulder was completely healed. Halleluiah! It makes me laugh even to remember it all over again. Jesus is amazing, so amazing. Not only did He heal me again, but gave me another lesson I could not learn at university. Don’t despise how He works in other’s lives. The Holy Spirit comes and overpowers some and when they are completely out of their own control, He is able to do amazing works in hearts, souls and bodies. Amen. I have spent my many healing experiences since then, laying on a sanctuary floor. Thank You, Dear Lord Jesus. Amen!

I would like to share more about the laughter, but will save that for another testimony. Laughter surely works good like a medicine. Amen.

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