Healings 3, and 4:    


3. Badly sprained ankle:

My dear husband had a habit of leaving his shoes outside the back, basement door. I had asked that he bring them inside, but one morning I did not think to check and stepped out unprepared. Over my ankle bent and I was down on the cement walkway. I was able to get up, but I knew there was damage. I ended up on crutches. I never did get the hang of it and wobbled about the house for the rest of the week. My friend called and thought I should attend a revival meeting that had been going for several weeks about an hour’s drive from my home. I had not wanted to attend. A bit suspicious that it was maybe just a lot of hype. Anyway her persistence led me to give in and go see what was happening there. I had given up on the crutches and simply limped about. We met at the meeting. It surely looked like revival was happening. So much joy!

I can’t remember if it was the first night I attended or what the chronology was, but several things happened as I most joyously joined in the worship celebration. First there was a report that teenagers were driving past the building and they had witnessed an open heaven over the building and stopped and came to the meeting. Don’t recall what happened to them. During that same meeting I left the sanctuary to use the washroom. When I returned there was an amazing mist filling the sanctuary as the people worshiped the Lord. At first glance, I thought it was my eyes and actually tried to clear my eyesight. It was still there. It was amazing! I stepped in beside my friend and excitedly asked her if she could see it. “See what?” was her response. Gazing about I responded, “There is a mist all through the sanctuary.”  I knew this must be “the glory cloud”—a sign of Jesus presence in the room. She did not see what I was seeing. I had never witnessed such signs at a meeting. The differences, I think, between a healing meeting and a revival gathering are probably many. From what I witnessed over the years, in a healing meeting it was specifically for healing of any sickness, disease, disorder and occasionally some deliverance. In a revival meeting anything can happen, such as what I witnessed at these meetings. Angels manifesting, glory clouds, healings spontaneous laughter, etc… I could write an entire chapter on this one experience. Blogging! Ugh!

I returned again the next evening. The worship was wonderful. My friend was not able to join me for this session, so I found a seat and joined in with the others, praising Jesus Holy Name and giving Him thanks and the honor I knew He was worthy of. Strangely, as I worshiped, I began rocking up and down. My feet were rolling up onto my toes and back down. This continued for some time. The Lord was doing something…I could never stand on my tip toes! And, I had a sprained ankle to boot! But I sensed Jesus was doing something to my ankle. It was definitely supernatural. My feet continued to rise to my toes and then lowered effortlessly. Sure enough. My ankle was healed! I left the meeting completely healed, no limp, no pain!

The evangelist was from South America. His name was Elias. Thank You, Lord Jesus. I give You all the praise and all the glory! You are so good and so real in our lives. Amen. There was another encounter at these meeting…I will save that for another testimony.

4. Killer sinus infection:

We had moved into our new home overlooking a lovely pastoral golf course scene below. My husband wanted a home with a golf course view. This was it. I can honestly say that this was my favorite home. Everything about it suited us well. We purchased some new furniture for the bedroom and settled in.  It wasn’t long before I developed a nasty sinus infection which moved down into my chest, resulting in the usual bronchitis.

Bronchial infection syndrome: wash all the walls, floors etc. Bedding was limited and freshly laundered (no scented products, no laundry softeners), including pillows. All furniture was removed from the room (a sensitivity to any raw wood or particle board wood products, this included the backing of furniture). No fabric curtains. Mattress vacuumed.  Then, an air mattress was brought into the bedroom and I slept on the floor on the mattress.

My doctor prescribed an antibiotic and the infection seemingly cleared. I moved back to my bed while I completely recovered (about 2 weeks). It wasn’t long and the infection reoccurred. Back to my physician.                       

The infection had not only settled in my brachial passages, but also my sinus excreted an ugly bloody mass when I tried to clear it. More meds. Back to the air mattress. This time I it took a little longer to recover, but I was soon able to return to my bed.

ROUND 3! It was back again. This time I was referred to a specialist. I had now moved into the jacuzzi in the master bathroom. Don’t’ even ask! Just imagine what that looked like! Another 2 weeks on meds. 

By this time I became suspicious that there was something in the bed, as each time I returned to my bed the cycle start all over again. I cut a small hole in the mattress and took a sample of the filling, sending to a local lab where I had worked years earlier. I received the report in short order. There was a list as long as your arm of contaminates! In all, I think there were 16 contaminates in the mattress. Most of them were various molds; some were sorts of bacteria, and the worst was a bacillus! Wow! How could that be, we had just purchased the mattress from a high end furniture store on south Granville? Well, it turns out that there were reports that some selling mattresses had picked them up from the dump and simply replaced the covers and sold them as new.

Back to my specialist after doing some research myself and finding that in order to clear a sinus infection the antibiotic dosage had to be double the normal dosage. Thus the meds were doubled.. This bout took me back to the jacuzzi in order to avoid what ever might be an irritant in the bed. (Vanity doors and drawers were taped closed.) Can you even imagine what all this confusion does to a functioning household? All this time I spoke to Jesus about this situation. And many were praying for my healing. THEN…A RHEMA WORD!  Get up, you are healed. This word likely came as I was reading my Bible. I know I was in the jacuzzi when I received the word. I knew that I knew, the Lord had just healed me. I got up, got dressed and never looked back. I was healed!!! Praise You, Lord Jesus, again and again! Amen!

Isn’t that odd? When I think back it is completely odd.

Not done yet….  I would no longer go near the bed and remained sleeping on the  air mattress on the floor. My husband had moved into the guest room when I first developed symptoms, so he had never contracted an infection from the mattress. Praise the Lord! I contacted the mattress company in Calgary, Alberta to tell them about the testing and sent them a copy of the report. They called me back, with their lawyer present, as they assumed I would want to sue them. I said, No, no. All I wanted was a new mattress made of special materials. They were very nice and agreed to do something for me. A few weeks later we received a lovely, brand new mattress, made with the very best filler materials and cover. That mattress is still on our bed today! (I think I still have the lab report in a file.)

A bit after my healing,  I was walking down the hall and lost my orientation, bumping into walls. I noticed also that my head was hurting on the left side top.  I don’t think I thought too much about it at the time. Maybe tired or not enough sleep. 

At the same time there was another move of God in town. My husband and I decided to go together. There was much criticism about that time, that people were chasing after signs and wonders. It was not an easy time to revel in the glory of what God was doing. One did not want to be accused of chasing after signs and wonders. When we see Jesus working in scripture, we see the people running to Him. Though we don’t see Him in the flesh today, we do recognize when He is moving by His Holy Spirit, and we go to Him. I had, by this time, developed a manner that I was not pursuing Jesus for anything specific that I could think of…He knew better than I did what I needed…whatever He saw in me that needed to change or be healed, I would be grateful. I always anticipated that He would do something in my life. Sometimes I wasn’t aware of what that was until months later. I learned to be free to go down under the power (not pushed down) and allow the Holy Spirit to do whatever He willed. It is a solid sign of surrender when you see someone on the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit.  I will talk about how I came to give in to this in my “frozen shoulder” healing testimony.

Anyway, this particular meeting we attended was very significant. The evangelist, Todd Bentley, spoke a word of knowledge that someone was being healed of a brain infection. IMMEDIATELY, I felt a warmth on the top left side of my head and down my left arm. The Lord was healing me…again! Praise His Holy Name!!! The pain that I was experiencing on that side of my head was gone! I had no idea that I had a brain infection! If I hadn’t physically felt the heat in my head and down my arm, I would never have known. Jesus had healed the respiratory infection when He spoke to me to get up out of the jacuzzi;  why did he not heal my brain at the same time if the infection had moved into my brain. Well….

Within a month (2006) we traveled to AB. I was working on my first book, Voices Crying in the Wilderness, A call to prophesy, I attended the Miracle Channel church while working on my manuscript at the univerity there, so I was soon able to make connections with sisters of like faith. I was invited to join the prayer team to pray with others for concerns that came in via the television broadcast. This was very much a privilege to join this amazing team of prayer warriors! However, it may not have been for my ability to pray effectively and fervently for others, but for God to show me something amazing. Hopefully, my prayers were also effective as we prayed for those who asked for our support in whatever they were dealing with in their lives…finances, healing, salvation for family and friends, etc. One request that came in was from a mother who had just lost her son. He had died after an incomplete diagnoses of a sinus infection.  The diagnosed sinus infection had spread, undetected, into his brain and he had died. I was breathless as I realized this was what had happened to me with the sinus infection and the healing that I received at brother Bentley’s meeting had just been confirmed. I was so deeply sad for the mother who had lost her son and have never forgotten her grief. I pray for her now that Jesus would move in her life in a special way, bringing her joy, peace and renewed hope for her future. I pray her faith is renewed and freshened, as she looks to Jesus, the author and finisher of her faith. Amen.

Isa 40:31  But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint .

God surely works in mysterious ways….

5. Seriously impaired digestion:  In order to keep these posts within a readable length, this healing will appear in the next post, coming within the week.  (Mar 11-18/23)