Healings 1 and 2: CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, WIDOW’S HUMP and a missed opportunity with an amazing word of knowledge

These were the first two healings that influenced my growing faith in believing all that was written in the Word of God. (When I came to Jesus (He visited me), I decided then that I would believe ALL the Bible or NON of it. So healing and deliverance and miracles were to be believed. Jesus heals, delivers and will do miracles for us today.) One Sunday I was fighting off another bout of bronchitis—you know the kind—yellow or green sputum, with a heavy cough. I felt poorly, but never missed a meeting (three times a week in those days). I was a worshiper, I loved to worship the Lord. Even as sick as I was I lifted my hands to Heaven, praising Him…SUDDENLY, I felt completely normal. I knew instantly that He had healed me! The service went on and I was completely well! No one laid hands on me or prayed for me. I went from sick as a dog to completely well! You have to personally experience these things to understand the awesome revelation of what just happened. I hope these messages deeply inspire all who read them to experience Jesus for Who He is. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruise for our iniquities , the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed Isa 53:5. He sent His word and healed us and delivered us from all our destructions Psa 107:20. O that men would praise the Lord for His wonderful works to the children of men Psa 107:8. By His stripes we are healed 1Peter 2:24.

The next healing I remember happened around the same time. The Lord seemed to tell me to stay home from church one Sunday, which was odd as I never missed church for any reason. But I was certain it was Him and stayed home. I would of course have church by whomever I could find on TV. It happened to be Earnest Angley. Many people made fun of brother Angley as he was different. I watched, never judging anyone who had the call to preach the gospel, I knew by this time that God called whomever He willed. Well, he had a word of knowledge. He said someone watching had a generational infirmity…a widows hump, and the Lord was healing them. Immediately, I knew that this word was for me. I lifted my hands and received the word and the healing. The hump on my back was instantly gone. My neck was straight and the hump was absolutely gone! Thank You, Jesus! The irony of this healing was that I had noticed there was a hump developing at the top of my back and the base of my neck. I mentioned it to my husband only days before. I knew it was a generational condition and had seen it on other extended family members—and my mother! JESUS HAD JUST HEALED ME FROM A GENERATIONA CURSE! I GIVE HIM ALL THE PRASE AND ALL THE GLORY! AMEN! (Today, I would say this was a deliverance from a spirit.)

Back to TV evangelist, Earnest Angley. Brother Angley (who passed at age 99 in 2021) must have visited Vancouver as I was aware of his meetings and decided I should go. During his preaching, he suddenly stopped and turned to the audience. He pointed directly to me and told me to stand up, the Lord was healing my back. I thought to myself that I did not have a problem with my back and looked around me to see if it was a word for someone else. He spoke to me several times.   I remained seated. He looked very perturbed, turned away and went on with his message.

Some time later I was having a problem with sciatica. I did not know that sciatica was a back problem. I considered it in the same category as arthritis. My husband knew and referred me to a chiropractor that he knew personally. He happened to be the Canucks Hockey club chiropractor in Vancouver. Well, I did as my husband had recommended. After an Xray on my first visit it was determined that there was an extra vertebrate and one damaged vertebrate. Wow! I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary pain if I had received the word of knowledge from brother Angley. What an amazing occurrence to have the Lord speak to a minister visiting a strange country and singling out one person and telingl them Jesus wanted to heal them! Well, God is very merciful as I had connected with, I am sure, one of the most gifted chiropractors in Vancouver (second only to brother Angley’s gift of a word of knowledge.). After some regular visits and adjustments, including hanging upside down by my ankles in order to stretch my spine…no more pain. Excellent! Never had another problem with my back.

Taking a moment to go back to the chronic bronchitis: Somewhere over the many times I was prayed over at various meetings, including my own church, the chronic bronchitis left. From frequent bouts over the year I experienced maybe one bout over a year. I have not had bronchitis now for a number of years. I must say that I am quite careful not to carelessly expose myself to any person with flu symptoms. No time for sickness! Thank You, Lord Jesus for your covering and protection. I maintain a regimented supplement program that had developed over the years and use a natural antibiotic if I notice any symptom in my throat, ears or nose. Sorry, I can not be responsible for recommending any products. I often google natural remedies and have a close friend who is well versed on natural remedies that I consult. During the years of dealing with a chronic condition I was referred to a internal specialist in order to determine any substances that were irritants to my respiratory system. Although pretty well all those irritants are no longer a concern I do watch what I allow myself to be exposed to for any length of time: mold, smoke, pollen, house dust, *perfumes used in any products, vehicle exhaust…the list was long. At the worst of the bronchial condition, if I become ill, I had an extreme sensitivity, I was forced to sleep on the bathroom floor, removing all bathroom products—washing down all the walls and all surfaces. WHAT A GOD WE SERVE! THANK YOU AGAIN, LORD JESUS! BY YOUR STRIPES I WAS HEALED AND AM HEALED! AMEN!

Sometimes one is not aware that one has been healed, but we kind of glance  back and realize whatever we were dealing with is gone. This is the difference between “healings”, “deliverances” and “miracles”. Thus, the widow’s hump healing was a “deliverance” from a spirit and because it was instant it was also  a “miracle”; the healing from chronic bronchitis was in fact a “healing”–other than the one church service where I was instantly healed–that was a miracle! Phew! Did you get all that? Anyway the chronic bronchitis was gone but I was not immediately aware of the change, thus a “healing”. I will attempt to clarify each healing as I record them as to whether they are a “healing”, “deliverance” or “miracle”.

Coming next:  badly sprained ankle; killer sinus infection; seriously impaired digestion

Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you, and keep you: The Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you: The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

The Lord abundantly bless you above what you have hoped or dreamed, brothers and sisters, in body, mind and spirit, in Jesus Name. Amen…. Eph 3:20