Part 1 INTRODUCTION March 7, 2023

Awoke 4:05 am this morning. Reached for my Bible. Random reading took me to Luke 24. Wow! Amazing…. Holy Spirit spoke to me several times this last week to take communion. I had set out my communion scriptures and cup last night ready to take communion before I started writing this morning. I knew when I opened to Luke 24 the Lord was speaking to me to read the full chapter. What an amazing blessing! I sat pondering my reading and Jesus and what He has done for us all as I proceeded with communion.  What a wonderful Savior we are so privileged to know and serve. Amen!

  I have started this testimony several times, without a sense of where to begin. This surely was a monumental assignment. Thus I spent the past week listing and meditating on each of the 17 most significant healings that I have had such privilege to receive from my Lord Jesus, my Great Physician.  I will do my very best to record them accurately as they happened. I will not attempt to be specific as to dates and locations. May Jesus Name be glorified in this recording of His amazing grace, love and power! Amen. We give Him ALL the glory! Amen. He has a purpose for this testimony: to bless all who take time to read and absorb His wonderful grace and power given unto man. Oh, that men would praise the Lord for His wonderful works to the children of men Psa 107:8.

OK, I would be negligent if I did not preface this testimony with some immediate clarification. Because I have been healed 25x plus over the past 47 years does not mean that I do not suffer affliction today. In my recent move I managed to injure my hip and back; my eyesight is not as good as I need it to be; etc…  Just further opportunities for Jesus to show himself strong in my life!!! Amen! (Psa 118:17-18)



I should have died at least a couple of these x, but here I am still breathing at 77. If you are anticipating detailed doctor’s reports, this is likely not the read for you. I can say that I have been blessed with the most understanding doctors one would ever hope for. When I tell them “Let’s see what Jesus does first.” they have wonderfully supported me and even shown interest in my long absences from their offices. I always thank my physician when I leave and suffix with a big smile and “I hope I won’t be seeing you again any time soon.”

I give lots of credit to my physician in White Rock, BC for supporting me all the years I was on the road, traveling abroad and about the continent, as he kindly provided meds for any suspected (as per what we agreed as legitimate symptoms) respiratory invasion as I traveled. I could not have done what I did without his amazing support. He truly wanted to see me have the best life I could possibly enjoy if it was in his hands to do so. I publicly thank you, Dr. Bryan Prentice.

I was the youngest and sickliest of three kids, growing up. Frequent bouts of pneumonia, appendicitis, broken arm and all the childhood diseases. There were rules for a child in the house with asthma: no playing in the barn, no playing outside after dark, no sleepovers, no playing in the grass during pollen season…and so on. On into my adult years, allergies haunted my every move. Lots of doctors, lots of bronchial infections, lots of limitations. Until I met Dr. Prentice. His decision to treat my bouts of bronchitis as quickly changed my life.

Enter my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…1976. (I have shared my testimony in other writings.) Joined a local revival church in 1980 (the Lord kept me separate for 4 years before He instructed me to join a church, as I voraciously consumed His Word during those 4 years.) I learned about healing and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that healing by Jesus was ours to have when we asked Him. There was evidence of many healings and deliverances in the church in the next years. One, most memorable, was our group leader’s little girl that was born with a twisted foot. Her foot did not face forward. During one of our Wed night meetings her parents asked for prayer for their daughter and INSTANTLY the little girl’s foot moved and turned perfectly forward. I believe she was about 5 years old at the time. That was an undeniable miracle. No need for doctors to confirm this amazing healing! I am certain they would have taken her to their physician soon after her healing to confirm the miracle. In those days healings weren’t officially taken note of without a physician’s report.

Then I began to experience healings in my own body. Here are some of the over 25 healings I have received from Jesus, my GREAT PHYSICIAN!

To be continued….

Over the next weeks I will post each of the 17 most significant healings separately. Please return to the sight for these postings.

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