B-5 INSIGHT: Moving from flesh to spirit

Nov 19, 2020

By Alison Teed, Author/writer

Alison Teed Publishing

Nov 9 I began a pursuit to refresh and renew the Word in my life, focusing on areas I knew needed some rebuilding…renovating. The thought of beginning at the beginning was somewhat daunting so I decided to begin with the little books and work my way through the 66. So far, I have read and meditated and focused on Titus, Jude, Philemon, 3 John, 2 John and 1 John. Wow! Some essential materials in these 6 little books!

At the beginning of our journey (now 44 years for me) we heard it spoken that if we do not keep pursuing and tending what we have built, we leak. Yes, I can witness to that as we are renovating and restoring and developing a small acreage which, ironically is close to the same timeframe. There sure is leakage in areas that were not kept in good repair. So, consider this study a repair job, a shoring up and renewing of the spirit…moving from the leaking flesh to the solid well built and maintained spirit.

This morning I decided to review the 6 little books before I moved on. I wanted to know I was firmly established…that the roof was going on securely…making sure it was glued down and it lasted for the guaranteed 50 years…hail proofed, wind proofed and years of scorching sun proofed. So, this is what I discovered this morning….

The flesh vs the spirit. I have listened to many teachings over the years of walking in the flesh and walking in the spirit (our spirit or the Holy Spirit…or both…you decide). I sensed as I was meditating and the Holy Spirit was bringing clarity (a fresh epiphany) that He was referring to my spirit here. Moving from the flesh of my mind and emotions (waking, mulling over the problems of the day of which there is an abundance these days) to my spirit man…the inner man that is guided and ruled by the Holy Spirit. The irony of this epiphany is that it came from Rom Ch. 7 through Ch. 8. This is where God took me before I began my organized reading.

Back to this morning’s epiphany based on Roman 7 & 8:

The flesh = mind and emotions—specifically examining my waking thoughts. Was I moved to fear by the pending problems of the day and times? Was there a sense of a lack of peace? Yes! Wow! How did I ever get to this? I saw in the spirit moving from fear and emotional thoughts to His Word. A fear of the roof blowing off, so to speak, but knowing by reviewing the works of applying the roof, that it was not going anywhere. If that makes sense. A getting out of the wandering thoughts and getting back to the facts. Cutting to the chase here: I forced myself out of my bed at 6:51 and moved to the table where I am conducting my study. I knew that the first thing I needed was the Word which will overcome the fearful thoughts. Yes! I was on the right track. Just reviewing Rom 7 & 8 settled the emotions and changed my mind track. The roof was securely in place. I knew I had moved from my flesh to my spirit. Can you see that? Can you see that? Can you see that?

Here’s what I received from The Holy Spirit once I made the decision to move out of my flesh and seek His ways and move my thoughts and actions into my spirit.

  1. Get into the Word (wherever He is guiding you to go) The Word goes directly to your spirit man…inner man. Allow the Word to speak to you, shoring you up again, renewing your mind. Give thought to what you are reading, allowing the Word to comfort, strengthen, correct and direct your thoughts, plans and purpose. (This also kicks out any lying thoughts the enemy is trying to trouble you with. Truth eliminates lies.)
  2. Praying from your spirit and in the Spirit. That is taking authority over clutter that interferes with your renovations, restoration and development process…pulling weeds from the good soil you are preparing for planting your good seed! We have authority over all the power of the enemy. We have authority over everything that creeps on the earth, over the earth and under the earth. (You will find this if you are reading The Word and understanding what you are reading.) Jesus said we would do the same works He did and greater works because He was to leave us and go to the Father. There was still much work to be done! Binding and rebuking, casting out. Speaking the truth into our situation. Believing the Word not the lies. Amen! Walk in the truth not the lies of the enemy.
  3. Prayer and supplication. God asks me many times: “What do you want Me to do for you?” I am so in awe when He asks me that I begin stumbling through what I think I should ask. It is His delight to give you the Kingdom. It is His delight as our Heavenly Papa to give us good things—to take good care of us. He says we have not because we ask not. Asking amiss is just about asking selfishly (notice this word contains the word “flesh”). If you know His Word well, you won’t have any difficulty asking or receiving. Amen.
  4. This might come before your pray and supplication or after, but do spend some intimate time with the Father, talking about stuff on your heart: family, friends, country, world; asking for direction and for His help in areas you need to change in your walk with Him and others. This is a personal relationship. He loves to have you come close to Him–see yourself sitting on His lap and His arm around you. He loves you so. Remember He chose you first. He wants to help you. He will never leave you or forsake you. You belong to Him. He is your Father forever. Amen.
  5. Now…continuing throughout your day living in/from your spirit man and avoiding the flesh (gloomy doomy thoughts and actions). Declare His truth as you go about the day and simply LIVE by His Word, ways, truth, light, love power and glory. You will discover that this will come from the time you spent in His Word in the early morning. It will keep you and guide you throughout the day. Amen. Amen. Amen.

A note as to what has prompted me to write this for you. Not long ago I was caught off guard and the enemy used me to make an awful mistake. I was not renewing my mind daily or even weekly, other than to open randomly my 3 times a day. That is not enough! WE DO LEAK and we need a roof that is guaranteed the 50 years. This comes via the Word. God richly bless you as you pursue His Word and His ways in your life. Be strong. Be courageous. Be filled with His Word and His Holy Spirit. Let your spirit be shored up and you will be built to last….

A PS to this post: Using God’s Word to build our spirit man vs using a lie (flesh) to get what we want….

Those who “LOVE a lie”…. Some years ago I dug into this and clearly understood that those who love a lie are ones that are not able to acquire or attain what they selfishly want by any other means, truth being one means. I could see that the use of a lie begins very early on in childhood. When the child discovers gain in getting something that was not freely given, it establishes a pattern. “If I really want something and they won’t give it to me when I ask nicely then I will take it and hide it or deny my action.” (Not exactly in a child’s wording, but you get the drift).

In adulthood it might manifest as doing some fleshly works one knows is wrong with the attitude–“Get what your flesh really wants now and ask forgiveness later…if you are caught.” Lying is about getting what your flesh wants, knowing it is wrong. I could write a book on this one subject as I have observed many who unfortunately “love a lie.”

Time to do some weeding and plant in some good soil and your prayers will never be hindered. Amen. Remember your Heavenly Father can’t wait to give you good things! He loves us!

Have a great day!

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