D-2 PROPHECY: The Dream of the Multitude: Canadas’ Journey to Captivity, The Interpretaion

Dream of The Multitude

Canadas’ Journey to Captivity

The Interpretation: Alison Teed

Dec 2015

God has called His Kingdom prophets together to decree His Word to Canada. To those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is speaking in this hour let them hear. (Please refer to my post “Revival 2016” to view the dream associated with this interpretation.)


The borders of Canada will close. Even the “bulls” will seek to cross the borders but they will find no way out.

Even now the peoples of Canada move increasingly and steadily into a captivity that God will not reverse. Many hardships, trials and tribulations, already in motion, will increase and increase and increase for the peoples of Canada. No nation, or tribe or tongue will escape or recover. 

God has called His prophets to go forth and declare and decree His will for the peoples of Canada. He will make a way for those in captivity who hear His voice. 

Though the lands of Canada become scorched and dried through drought and plague, God has made a provision for Canada’s escape.

God will pour out His Spirit upon all tribes and tongues and nations of Canada…for all the Candadas. He will open ears to hear His voice. Those who hear will be saved.

God will swing open the gates to His Kingdom and all who hear His voice and heed His voice will enter in through His Gates and be saved. Those who enter His Kingdom will find peace and shelter from the “storms” to come. Their works will continue to prosper. No plagues will overtake them. No fires will burn their crops. And their forests will stand. They will not be overtaken by the darkness to come. He will cause their works to prosper. There will be rejoicing in God for His grace, His mercy and His peace; His power and glory will be manifest on behalf of those who hear His instruction: Those who have ears to hear what the Spirit speaks to Canada let them hear.  

Those who enter in through His Gates will lay down their banners and flags and receive a new banner of one Kingdom and One God. There will be agreement between the “nations” of Canada.

All cannot hear what the Spirit is speaking for this hour, but those who have ears let them hear. Those whose hearts are closed and their ears covered will continue forth in their captivity. The Fires of God’s judgment shall burn unquenchable fires and their hopes and dreams shall be dashed and burned. Government shall increasingly become their hope and their god. They shall cling to this god and they shall serve the god of this world. Though they seek diligently for it there will be no escape from their captivity.

Those that enter through the Gates of God’s Kingdom shall see a Light on the distant horizon. The Spirit of the Living God says, “Listen to Me. I am coming soon; I am coming very soon. I hold a refining fire in My Hands. Hear what the Spirit is speaking. Behold I stand at the door and knock….”

God of the universe would say to His prophets, “Look up. Prepare the way of the Lord. Make His paths straight. Listen to Me: He comes soon.” Amen.

***I sought the Lord this morning regarding, and before posting this prophetic word…HIS WORD. This was His immediate response as I opened directly to this passage of scripture:

Mark 1:2-3

It is written in Isaiah the prophet: I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way—a voice of one calling in the desert, prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him. NIV Amen….



A timeline for the following dreams and the vision was difficult to determine without reviewing my journals (1500 pages). I don’t recall recording the first dream in a journal, so my only recollection is that I knew it was not connected to or inspired by 9/11. I have removed several dreams as they are more a personal directive. The only reason I included Jesus on the Road is that it is directly pertinent to Alberta and the growing revival here.

  1. Dream of the plume
  2. ***Visions of the eagles
  3. Dream of Jesus on the road
  4. ***Dream of the multitude
  • Dream of the plume:

Circa 1999-2002

In a dream I stood in my back yard in White Rock, BC where friends had joined us for a barbeque. I turned to look south-east and saw a great plume rising from the far south-east. I knew that I was looking across the border to the east coast of America. I awoke. I knew when I awoke that the plume was nuclear. I knew this was not 9/11.

  • Visions of the Eagles:

Circa 2003 (Fasting and prayer)

In March of (circa) 2003 I attended a Todd Bentley conference in Mission, BC. During worship, I experienced two visions of eagles. (The first is not recorded here, as it is not relevant to this documentation.) Thus continue to second vision….

I continued to worship, experiencing a second download. I saw in a vision another Great Eagle. On the right wing of the Eagle was a woman riding. She had long, wavy blonde hair and was laying on the wing, clinging to its edge. They were moving swiftly above and between large clouds, heading from west to east. There was a very bright light in the far distance at the furthest edge of the clouds in the east. There was a clear image of an angel on the right of the Eagle, moving in unison. I had an impression that there was a second angel moving along side on the left. I asked the Lord, “Who is the woman?” He responded again, “The woman is you.” I knew the Eagle was God.

Eagle and the Woman
Eagle and the Woman by Janice VanKronkhite

(This is very amazing. At the time of this vision my hair was short. I had no intention of allowing my hair to grow, nor did I know my hair would be wavy until it grew long. I never considered the hair until 2011 when I commissioned Janice Van Kronkhite (Met her at Pat King’s confer in Phoenix) to paint the vision for a book cover.) Another amazing thing about these visions. The message preached that session of the conference was based on the “eagle”! God is not a God of coincidence!

I had no idea what God was showing me above the clouds. I sensed the bright light in the far distance was the Lord’s return. The light was not the sun as it spread across the distant edge. And yet it was not that far away as we moved swiftly toward it. It was not until I was in Southern Alberta that I asked the Lord what was happening below the clouds. I knew that there was something pretty significant going on that He had not revealed.

  • Jesus on the road:

Perhaps 2004/5:

I dreamt that a crowd had gathered along both sides of a road. I realized that the people were waiting for something and I pressed to the front of the crowd. Then a man on a white horse appeared. He was dressed in white. I could see that it was Jesus. He was moving from east to west. As he passed by He turned and spoke to me, “Join the ranks.” I immediately stepped forward to join those marching behind Him. I knew it was an army and I knew I had been honored by the invitation. I felt joy. Then as I moved forward I looked down at myself and said, “I have lost my armour.” I awoke.

From that point I knew I was to pursue the full armour of God. This took some devoted study for a number of years. I knew the Lord would put me into His ranks when I was properly dressed.

Oddly, I knew the dream took place on a road just east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had no intension at that time of moving to Alberta. Alberta was not in my mind in any way. I pondered this.

  • The multitude:
  • “Write down the dream, telling the main parts.” (Dan 7:1)



Feb 2014: First made public November 18, 2015

I dreamed I was standing in a very large, lush, grassy, open field. There was a man and a woman standing with me. I was facing north watching a great multitude of people of all nations slowly walking from west to east. Some were dressed in their native garb. One was carrying a small palm tree in a pot. Others were carrying banners (pennants) representing their nations. The land was chard and completely burnt. There were charred snags of trees left standing amongst the people as they walked. There was a clean division between where I stood with the man and woman in the green grassy area and the charred land where the people walked.

I said, “Oh, no.” (Meaning…”No way am I having anything to do with this.”) I turned and ran toward the south. There was a fence extending along the south border. The land on the other side was also grassy and lush. I knew that if I could get to the other side of that fence I was free. I would not have to deal with this people I saw. As I came near the fence a bull appeared from the east. It too was looking for a way to the other side of the fence. He could not find a way nor would he allow anyone else near the fence. It was trotting in my direction. I knew I could not make the fence in time and turned and ran back to where the man and woman were standing. I looked again at the multitude still moving slowly east. I knew the multitude included all people, Christians as well. I felt distress. I sensed I was supposed to do something for these people and I didn’t want to. But a sense of conviction pressed me to give in and I said, “I will go.”

To the east of the large, lush field stood a forest of green trees with a road running from south to north along the edge of the forest. The road also ran through a small cluster of green trees at the edge of the burned off area so that I could not see where these people were headed. I knew that if I could reach them…head them off before they went past the road, I would help them not continue heading in the direction they were heading. I knew that it was not hell they were heading into. I turned and ran as fast as I could run toward the road and to warn these people…. I awoke.

The Holy Spirit has since given me the interpretation of this dream. His instruction to me for now is to only tell the main parts. As He opens more of the revelation I see how this connects with the Great Eagle and the woman on the wing, and also the dream of Jesus on the road and Alberta’s revival. Please note: the spelling of “Canadas” is exactly how the Holy Spirit instructed me to record this. This will unfold as He reveals the full extent of the dream.


PS to the images. Scans are not the best method of documenting, I can see. The dream of the multitude illustration is a pen and ink and charcoal. It should come out clear. I will try a photograph image. Also the Multitude image is posted much shorter than its actual measurements.  It is an 11 X 17 image, so as it appears here it has lost the impact of the vastness of the dream.  For now it is published as is. I welcome your comments….



September 15, 2015



Definition of integrity: (thefreedicionary.com)

–“to test”, “to make honest”


I awoke this morning at 3:30. My mind kicked in. Promises, promises…. Lately, I found myself saying I would do this or that and have for one reason and the other not followed through. This is not me at all. I remember my father as a man of his word and I endeavored in my life to follow his example. I was a person of my word. If I said I would do something, I did it.

Some time ago I committed to return to my blog and continue speaking life to those who needed encouragement and strength. That is what God called me to do…to go and strengthen my brethren. I was feeling a little discouraged in my efforts recently and I asked Him what use I was. I was not seeing the dead raised or the lame walk, or blind eyes opened or other mighty signs and wonders in my ministry. He reminded me that he had not sent me to do what man expected me to do but He had sent me to open prison doors for those who were bound in doubt, fear and brokenness…whose lives had been slapped around as a result of, or resulting in, poor decision making. (By the way: life is entirely made up of a sequence of decisions we make…good or bad.)

This was not all He spoke. He spoke something new: “Go and commit what you have seen and heard to faithful men who will be able to teach others the same.” (2Tim 2:3) This was consistent with His instruction over the past year or 2…”Go and tell them what YOU have seen and heard.” This was an amazing epiphany: not what OTHERS have seen and heard, but what I have seen and heard. This command greatly settled me in my spirit. “Yes, Lord,” was my response. But recently He has added further insight as I pondered my value to the scheme of things here where He sent me, questioning Him as to whether I was really of any use. He spoke, “I have made you an “influence”. Wow! This brought things into clear perspective. Yes, I could see this, and now I was settled. Now I understood why He spoke before one of my meetings last fall, telling me that there would not be any healings there or deliverances. This was not my calling…IT WOULD COME, but through another’s calling. AMEN! My part was to influence, to bring enlightenment and understanding…to turn the light on, so to speak. Yes, I would bring sight to the blind…spiritual sight. Amen to that too.

Now to get on with why I sat down at my computer this morning.


Yesterday…Sunday…started out a most peculiar day. I was up and ready for Church on time and looked forward to fellowship with my friends and church family. But something was amiss. The Lord was speaking, but somehow I just was not getting it.

“What are You saying?” I asked, feeling somewhat impatient with Him. He has a new manner of getting my attention and sometimes it takes some focus to figure out what He wants and it can become frustrating if I don’t get it. This morning all I wanted was to join with my brothers and sisters in celebrating Him and each other. The summer had been so disjointed and disruptive without much fellowship and now it was fall and time to settle in again. But He persisted that there was something He wanted me NOT to do. It seemed that He was telling me I was not to join with my beloved friends for worship. Then the question came, “Where then?” There was only one other church that I could think of and that was a 35 minute drive, making me an hour late for their service. I headed out, feeling disgruntled and complaining that I had better have heard Him right or I would be a mess all week.

I missed worship completely. Worship is such a joy and strength to me that I continued with the attitude that this had better be God. The Word was good as it always was when I joined with this amazing group of saints, but I wasn’t hearing anything that would warrant my 1 hour tardiness or abandonment of my own fellowship until Pastor began to share a story. Now because I was not completely tuned in at the beginning, I may not have all the details correct…you are most welcome to correct me if any part of this story is not quite accurate. But here is what I remember. True story.

“There is a city in Egypt known as Garbage City. There are 300,000 people who live in this city…literally a garbage dump. They survive by rummaging through the garbage and then selling what they find. They do this by going into a nearby city and where they collect the garbage and return to Garbage City to sort and retrieve any small items that they might find and sell back to the people of that nearby city.

Word was out that a rich man of the nearby city had lost his watch. The watch was valued at $11,000. This would certainly change the life of whoever found the watch. The search was on. Well…it was found amongst the garbage collected by an impoverished man in rags in Garbage City. This man’s life was about to change forever. He was now a rich man. That’s what everyone thought. But the man was not concerned about becoming rich at all. He was only concerned about his integrity. He had devoted his life to Jesus Christ and he wanted to do what Jesus would do. Without hesitation the man took the watch and located the rich man in the nearby city, returning the watch to him. The rich man was so amazed he asked the man in rags why he would return the watch…the watch could change his life. The man in rags explained that he was a follower of Jesus Christ and he only wanted to do what Jesus would do. The rich man was so impressed he said to the man in rags. ‘If you are showing me Who Jesus is then I want what you have. I want to know the God you serve.’ The rich man invited Jesus into his heart as the man in rags had done. God took the rich man and worked great things in his life so that he went on to do great things for God and in other’s lives in the nearby city and beyond.”

Now this might first appear to be a great story of Jesus’ witness in us and through us and that would have been worth the journey for me to the neighboring church in itself, BUT there is something more amazing. On Saturday I had a conversation with a man regarding God working integrity into his life. We spoke together of an opportunity he had to take benefit for himself at the cost of someone else. I could see in the spirit that God was at work in this man, testing him and providing an opportunity for him to gain integrity in his character. I knew this man was on the Potter’s Wheel…he was a teachable man…God had His strong hand upon this man, preparing him for service. I shared what I saw. “This is a test for you. Your decision to do right will make an impact on this person you are connected with in this season.” We thought about this together, that God was at work here in his life.

Well! Praise God! His ways are surely higher than ours. If I had not responded to His prompting on Sunday morning I would have missed the opportunity to receive His confirmation for this man! Now he will read this and the Holy Spirit will confirm to him what He revealed during our discussion on Saturday. This man with be strengthened and encouraged. Amen.

We are truly walking examples of Jesus Christ! There is a trite expression that “We are the only Jesus that some might ever see.” There is a profound truth also. The man that I spoke to on the weekend is in a position of “influence”. He has an opportunity to “influence” the person he could take advantage of, to show that person who Jesus REALLY is. Amen.

E-1 UNDERSTANDING: Substance Abuse 1: After one year of recovery from my broken leg. Now July 2015….

Well! I was greatly encouraged this morning when I opened my email and discovered an email including the latest comment for thewillowsfreedomhouse.com blog. Thank you all. I was completely surprised when I discovered I had 30 comments waiting for my response. It is time to get back to business and allow others the same encouragement I have received as I have witnessed God’s amazing Grace and His hand on the lives of those He sent me to here.

Give me a little time to get things organized. I hope to have a couple share their struggle to recover from substance abuse recovery. I have now been in here for 4 years. God has given me the privilege of walking closely with a specific family as they determined to take back their lives…what a journey they are on…. What a journey I am on! When we have God on our side, we can do anything!

Sorry no images or photos. I am a writer/author by trade, so text is my thing. I do my best to write descriptively so my readers are able to image what is written.

Give me a week and I will have something for you…

The persons I hoped would share their testimonies continued to struggle for their freedom…one made it the others continue in bondage. Please refer to my blog page: Final Word on Substance Abuse.

E-2 UNDERSTANDING: Substance Abuse 2


Hindsight tells me this all really began in 2001. My husband and I were privileged to host a series of hospitality dinners for our Church in hopes to stir up the pot, so to speak. No pun intended…. These dinners were designed to mix up a rapidly growing congregation of saints (reaching about the 900 count), which had a need to become plugged in and connect with others merely on a social level over good food and light hearted fellowship. One of these dinners made an indelible impression on my heart.

There were generally about 20 guest each month. A team of six of us prepared a formal, sumptuous, pampered, scratch prepared, five course dinner, pulling out all the stops. That is to say–we were considerably well off and in possession of all the good stuff such as restaurant grade foods with all the trimmings–well you get the picture. I’m not one to hoard.  All the good stuff was given to us by God to bless others. So that’s what we did with it–and continue to do. Anyway, there was one dinner that stood out. Six guys from a rehab house showed up. I was quickly impressed by these clean cut looking men, mostly in their mid-30’s,  as I recall. They had a great time and mixed in with ease. Now please understand. This was the first experience I had ever had with up-close substance abuse–bottom line–drug addicts. Never would have considered that I would be entertaining drug addicts in my home.

These guys didn’t “look like” drug addicts to me. I was accustomed to seeing such people on the streets of east-end Vancouver, dishevelled, begging or dropped against a building in a state of stupor.  These men were, as I said, all clean-cut and apparently ordinary folk.

At the end of the dinner, while all the other dinner guests made their way about the living room and family room to continue the relaxed fellowship we became accustomed to witness, one man remained at the pristine, white, linen covered table. He was softly weeping.  I stepped over and sat near him and asked if he was ok. He was one of the guys from rehab–mid-30’s. He wiped his eyes and said, “Yes, thanks.” But the tears continued to flow, so I waited. He was looking down at the white linen table cloth as he sobbed. He lifted his eyes from this thoughtful gaze and looked at me. “I just don’t understand why you would invite me to your home and make me welcome.” He wiped his eyes once more, now able to speak out what had brought him to tears, “No one has ever invited me to their home–ever….” I was speechless. His words gripped my heart and I knew then that I would never see these souls the same again. It was a God moment. His compassion, mercy and grace flooded my heart for these men He had placed in our home. In hindsight–He was preparing us for something we did not understand then…but a time would come when we did understand….

Alison Teed

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